About Wild prairie

Hey y'all, I'm Katie Joy.  Welcome to Wild Prairie Design Studio.  I was raised on a steady stream of fabric scraps and thread.  You'll certainly see that influence reflected here as you browse around.  I'm glad you dropped by!


  • I was raised on a whole lotta HankPatsyJesus, and oatmeal.

  • The way to this gal’s heart?  Coffee (followed very closely by biscuits, salted butter, & homemade jam).

  • I’m a single mom to 2 beautiful young adults who I call Alligator & Mystery.  I am a half-empty nester, looking forward to new adventures.

  • My kids cringe when I say:  “Whatever cranks your tractor…” or “…I did the math myself.”

  • I yell, "Roll Tide!" and "Go Huskies!"

  • Scrappy quilts & vintage aprons make my heart go pitter-patter.

  • I dream of the day I can do some front porch sittin’ sipping an ice cold lemonade or a highball of whiskey on the rocks, watching the wind blow, the roses bloom, & chickens peck the ground!

  • There's nothing finer than the smell of jasmine at dusk & a garden jammed with of peoniesclimbing roses & forget-me-nots, & maybe a persimmon tree or two. 

  • There’s always a bottle of white wine & champagne in my fridge.  Always because I never open them.

  • My biggest challenge? Living well with multiple sclerosis (MS).

  • Second biggest challenge? I'm a technology late adopterI prefer needle & thread.

  • Lazy day meal? Air-popped popcorn or peanut butter & saltines.  It's a bonus if I can curl up and watch hockey, football, or old Westerns while I snack.

  • I adore comfort food and Thanksgiving dinner.

  • I DON’T like chocolate ice creamIt’s just not right.

  • Pride & Prejudice & Lonesome Dove are my guilty pleasures.  

  • Old Gringo boots make me SWOON.  Seriously, step aside coffee, maybe that's the real way to this gal's heart!

  • I’ve NEVER mastered knitting or keeping secrets.

  • I’m ALWAYS picked last for Scrabble.

Mostly I just like to ramble on and make things.