A Month of Challenges


If I said the past 30 days were a challenge, it'd be an understatement.  There are days when I start to feel like things will be right back on track with a few little tweaks to my routine, only to feel like I've got a cross-country ticket on a runaway train.

Yesterday was one of those runaway train days.  

I wasn't ever looking for happily ever after in life, but I certainly was looking for some content, routine monotony without too many emotional upheavals.  

Today, I have some great friends that rallied around me, but what I really needed was probably my mama, or at least someone who'd be a good stand in for her.  She had a knack for being complete analytical and be able to put a pause on all emotion and help me formulate a plan.  I've only met one other person like that and unfortunately, also not available to hash out the details of keeping me grounded right now.  So I'm trying to learn to do it on my own, with a little help remembering that my mama would tell me to read my Bible and pray.

I'm not able to ever be completely analytical, but I can put on my thinking cap and distract myself for a bit.  I just normally need a sounding board for advice and to work through my plans, otherwise I get stuck in my head for days or weeks on end.

My friends, they're probably more focused on feelings, and not nearly the type to set aside emotion.  They will chat about how I'm doing and what I'm feeling and I want to be able to put that pause button on and figure out a more objective approach.    

So tonight it is back to my theory of one stitch at a time.  Sowing seeds of patience and distraction until I work out a plan.  Although I do know that my plan and God's plan for my life might not ever seem to be in line with each other.  And maybe while I'm stitching the hours away, I'll be reminding myself of something that my mama would tell me:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.  
~Romans 15:13


What are your go-to distractions when you just need to step away from things for a bit until you have perspective?  I lean towards quilting, followed closely by curling up under a quilt and hibernating!