Continuously Moving Forward

the adventure begins Matthew Sleeper unsplash.jpg

This week was a very, very, very long week.  I didn't get too much quilting or sewing done, but I was able to go to a great training for work.  It made for very long days, but I think that it opens the door to new possibilities for me.  Even if it doesn't help me in my current work environment, it will benefit me in general and as I pursue other avenues in my career field.

I was reminded a few times of my sub-par statistics knowledge and maybe I should brush up in that area.  That doesn't sound much fun.  I'd rather be quilting.

I love quilting, but it certainly doesn't pay the bills.  At least not right now.  For now, quilting will stay my best form of relaxation.  

I'm still trying to figure out my "what now" and my "what next" but I certainly am moving forward each and every day.

Spending all day in training for a week made me miss learning and for a brief moment, I thought about scrapping everything and going back to school and find a career I love.  Then I remembered I still have to pay off that graduate degree program, so I'll stick with learning from books for a while and try to make the best of the career I already have.

I'm still wishing life came with a flow chart with lots of direction and a whole lot more certainty.  A bit more rules and order and a lot less chaos and disorganization.  

I won't hold my breath.  I know that won't ever happen.

So while I have ZERO idea where I'm going or how I'm getting there, I know that each day I'm moving forward.  So as I make small, incremental changes in other areas, I'll keep slowly plugging away here and see where life takes me.

I've got some unfinished quilts that need tending to, and lucky for me I've got a little motivation courtesy of Joy from Days Filled with Joy.  She's hosting a Christmas UFO challenge.  Didn't I just finish saying I needed a little direction???  

It's another nudge to get me where I need to go!