Curled Up with a Quilt

Today we're expecting a storm.  So not much to add here.  Just trying to batten down the hatches and stay curled up with a quilt on my lap.  

I haven't taken new pictures in a more finished state of this black, grey, and white quilt.  I just finished up the binding two days ago and I'm adding a few more big stitch details to the quilt top to stay busy.  I have a few more quilt tops I need to start on, but this one makes me nostalgic and sentimental, and I'm not ready to give up on it just yet, so I like staying tucked underneath it thinking good thoughts.  Once it's done, it'll get washed and tucked away until it has a good home.  I'll admit, I might fall asleep under this one while I'm working so warm and cozy in bed. I hope that doesn't make it a "used" quilt, just well-loved.

My son says that I'm lucky I'm a quilter, because I get to stay extra warm with a quilt draped over my lap.  

That's definitely a bonus on winter days!

Hoping everyone stays warm and safe this weekend.