En Provence 4-Patches

I decided I'd work on a scrappy version of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery quilt.  She released the first clue to the mystery quilt this past Friday.

I haven't pulled much fabric for this project yet, and I definitely haven't brought new fabric.

I used to make a couple trips a month to my favorite fabric store, but the past few months I decided to make do with what I have and not make the trek anymore.  It is slightly limiting, but I've got plenty of flimsies to quilt, so I figure it is helpful to stay home, hunker down, and work on my current projects.

The first clue for the mystery quilt involves making plenty of neutral 4-patches.  221 to be exact.  I don't have enough to make all 221 right now, but I can get to work right now.  Although the clue uses strips to piece the 4 patches, my son has made me a zillion 2" squares using my AccuQuilt, so I pulled out all the neutral 2" squares to chain piece first.  

I'm in the process of trying to find a new normal in my life.  Balancing work, multiple sclerosis, quilting, housework, and a desire to be a hermit and hide away from all of it.  I'm trying to catch up on projects I've procrastinated on, including fixing my dishwasher and slowly painting my house and putting things back together.

Making 4-patches is a nice distraction from the need to be responsible for way too many things.  

I'm also working on trying to hand quilt some Christmas gifts, but with less than a month away, I might have been a bit too Pollyanna in my thinking.  


I've decided I like sewing and quilting a whole lot more than I like repairing a dishwasher.  I'm starting to think I need to get a roommate that is a licensed, bonded, and insured handyman.  

If nothing else, as nearly every large appliance in my home is giving up the ghost, I'm learning to do a bit more maintenance on things.  I am learning that it is not a good idea to buy all appliances at the same time, and the same brand, because at least the ones I have all are going one by one.  

Quilting is much more fun than my to-do list.  So today is a day of making 4-patches and ignoring that to-do list for just one more day.

Clearly, what this post is missing is pictures of my 4-patches.  I have a few in progress.  Unfortunately, someone felt the need to try to break into my car and busted out my back window.  They didn't want the items I had in my car:  a forearm crutch and a rollator-walker.  Apparently not exciting enough.  So I spent all day yesterday cleaning up glass bits, finding a place to order a new window, trying to assess the other damage, and probably trying to keep my blood pressure down.  A bit later today after work, I'll try to get a few pics of my neutral 4-patches uploaded to this post so you can see my current progress.

If you haven't checked out the mystery quilt, there's a link-up today so you can see everyone's work!