En Provence Mystery Quilt Week 2

Okay, so right out of the starting gates and I'm not gaining much momentum on the En Provence mystery quilt.  

Partially because I procrastinated buying new fabric.  I was trying to use my ever dwindling stash of fabric.

That's excuse #1.  No magenta fabric.  (Oh I am sure somewhere in my house I have magenta fabric!)

Excuse #2:  Working on some quilts for homeless Veterans because the weather is getting colder.

Excuse #3:  My boss asked me to make a quilt for one of our team members and I was pretty excited to do that and drafted up an idea.

Excuse #4, I was working on hand quilting a twin sized quilt for a Christmas gift and watching football.  

But so really, excuse #5 (and the best one yet):  FOOTBALL!  Oh the stars have aligned and University of Washington won the Pac 12 championships, and The University of Alabama won the SEC championship game, and what on earth...my dream game is in Atlanta at the end of the month!  

Alabama v. Washington.  

I win either way!!  

Go Huskies!  

Roll Tide Roll!

Now about 3 times I ALMOST bought tickets for the game, but flights on a holiday weekend aren't the most cost effective.  

Harder for me to make excuses for that!

I could buy a lot of new fabric and batting to get some more quilts ready to donate (and maybe some for my En Provence quilt and my Dear Jane quilt...a little selfish sewing).

I did splurge and buy a sweatshirt.  This solves my recent dilemma of "what's a girl to wear?"

So this week will be catching up on the mystery quilt and adding a few pictures later.  Hopefully the snow holds off and I can sneak out to a quilt shop and find the perfect magenta fabric so I can finish my clue for the week!!

Make sure you go check out the progress on the En Provence quilts!!  I love seeing all the pieces come together (for everyone else).