Foundation-Pieced String Quilting

Today I'm busy working on some foundation-pieced string blocks.  The quilt blocks that I'm making are going to go into quilts that will be donated to homeless Veterans.  I've been busy stitching and not typing, so I think my scrappy quilting escapades will continue past October (Write 31 Days).  I've really had a heavy heart for about five or six weeks, so working on this project is helping me ease that funk that is hard to shake.  

I'll share a little more next week about how I use dry wax paper (like deli tray liners) to foundation piece my scraps.  It is quite easy and is one of the first lessons I teach to new quilters.  The gals that are adamant that they can't quilt, and they can't stitch a 1/4" seam allowance find out quickly that they can make something very beautiful.  That is one of my favorite parts of teaching others to quilt.  That "aha" moment when it clicks that you can sit down at a sewing machine and make something beautiful.  That is a wonderful gift to give to someone else.