If You're Following Along In October...

You might notice that I'm a little off schedule.  We're only 7 days into October, and I've found myself a little overwhelmed with some issues at work and some issues with my house.  It seems that I give myself a plan and start to work that plan, and everything else starts demanding my attention.  Add to that my tendency to second guess all the things I'm doing and ruminate on several things going on, and everything starts to fall away that isn't urgent and essential.

My weekend appears to have salvaged itself.  My 8 hours of overtime was cancelled.  Then, I promised to have a pretty large project started and finished before Wednesday.  A stretch of a promise by any means!  Something of a rush.  But thankfully the event was postponed.  I was getting a tad worried and I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders after that.

Tomorrow's post will be much later in the day (and don't fret, it will definitely be quilty in nature) because I've decided to go sit by the water and watch some ferries and clouds pass by, and just give myself a chance to get back to things I know to be restful.  

It'll be a bit of a "renewing the spirit" kind of day, which I critically need after a couple of very difficult days!  I'm investing a few hours into reminding myself what matters and thinking about what I'm going to do to get there.

Last year, I used to peek around the peninsula looking for property and plan my great escape after my son graduates from high school, and sitting by the water was where I found a lot of peace.  I took a bit of a hiatus from my little treks in lieu of feeling comfortable staying closer to places and people who felt like home to me.

I think it's time for some hot coffee, some day dreaming of where to go in two more years, and a couple visits to my favorite quilt shops.  

I've got my favorite little spots in the world where I sit and stitch away the hours, and find some solace, before I head back home.   For a few hours I'm going to escape the stresses of the world, work on a quilt that means a lot to me, and set myself back on track.

So thanks for your patience with me and my little detours from the scrappy quilting plan this week.