My Thanksgiving Table: More Side Dishes

Yesterday, I shared a few side dishes that make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table.  There's never a shortage of food to share with friends and family, so I've got a couple more recipes to share with you today.

Scalloped corn is quick and easy.  Usually I can throw it together with bits of leftovers from other dishes I'm making.  If there is half-and-half or cream laying around, I use it instead of milk, just because I know it might go to waste later in the week.  I sometimes add some green peppers or green chile peppers that are already chopped up, too.  But this recipe is my jumping off point.

I usually don't have too much oven space available on Thanksgiving.  I cook my turkey in a roasting oven, but I often have a slow cooker going, too.  I learned how easy it was to cook my dressing separately in a crock pot about 10 years ago, and I've been doing it ever since.

This is my standard dressing in a crock pot recipe.  I've made it with Russian brown bread before, but typically just buy already cubed bread crumbs intended for stuffing.  Shortcuts are fantastic sometimes!

I have a few more go-to side dishes for my holiday dinner, but I have to find some balance between typing up recipes and tidying up my house for company.  The latter wins.