My Thanksgiving Table: Side Dishes

This week I'm sharing my favorite recipes that make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table.

Today, I've got a few recipes for side dishes to share.

On television ads, I always see a Thanksgiving dinner plate with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce.  

We do things a little different at my house.

We always have Bourbon Sweet Potatoes. I'm not sure that we've had a Thanksgiving dinner without sweet potatoes spiked with whiskey or bourbon in a couple decades.


We have a lot of different side dishes, but I'm usually feeding a small army of folks.

My kids prefer things like Brussels sprouts or beets.  So I typically make a dish full of Harvard Beets or a variation of beets in a simmering sauce.  


If broccoli or cauliflower is on sale, I might steam some and have a Cheese Sauce for serving. 


At this point, I used to bake rolls.  Now I buy squishy, white dinner rolls and lots of salted butter.  Time saving and I don't think anyone ever noticed I quit baking them.

Tomorrow I'll share a few more side dish recipes with you.  We typically have quite a few on the table to choose from.  I'll make the recipes above, plus mashed potatoes & gravy, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, scalloped corn, and cranberry sauce.  I also make macaroni and cheese because my dad likes to take it home with him.

Now you're probably looking at this and thinking the traditional television commercial Thanksgiving dinner plate certainly sounds easier.  I bet it would be but I probably won't ever know.