Only Thing Constant: My Plans Change


My plan for this weekend was uninterrupted quilting, and a little time getting back to where I find comfort and peace.  But I suppose the best laid plans don't always work out.

I won't be quilting this weekend.  I'll just be curled up with a hot pad, coffee, ibuprofen, muted football on the t.v., and a book.  My head, neck, and back are letting me know they aren't too happy and I've only got myself to blame for this one.  I also fully expected to wake up with the ringing in my ears gone, but that is still driving me absolutely bonkers after hours and hours.  I underestimated what I'd done to myself and chalked it up to minor, but I haven't felt this lousy since tumbling down a flight of stairs.  I might need to concede that my assessment of the severity of yesterday was wrong.

My son was kind enough to offer to cut all my fabric for next week's quilting class.  He's a good kid.  I can't con him into typing up a bunch of tutorials and blog posts, but maybe I'll get around to it later and maybe I won't be able to.    

One of the things you learn about living life with MS is that you deal with unexpected setbacks, you just keep moving forward no matter what happens, you enjoy and fully appreciate what help does come your way, and you pray that the next day is a little easier than some in the past.