Prepping For Projects to Come

patriot Tim Arterbury unsplash.jpg

I've told you a little bit about the project I'm working on with some fantastic ladies.  We are just getting started, but things are growing every day.  It is exciting to see my dream start to become a reality.

I had quite a fabric stash even just last year, but I've turned it into pre-cuts, scraps, strings and packaged them into bags ready to make into quilt tops.  Today, after work, I put more bunches of coordinating scrappy fabrics together.  That way when I'm ready to sew, I can grab a bag and just see what materializes.  I know it isn't the most exciting post, and not the most informative, but it's what I'm up to today.

I am really excited to start sharing some of the quilts as they come together.  I have a deadline next week to have some done, so that I can get some assistance tying some of the quilts.  So if you stay tuned, you might see a bit more pop up here and there over the next week.

I have an order for lots of batting somewhere between shipped and lost in transit.  I'm hoping it gets here in time, as I've got my hands full.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!