Scrappy Blocks Making an Appearance This Week

My camera, and my fatigue are not cooperating today.  I've got half a post of scrappy blocks to share with you, but they're materializing online as slowly as they seem to make an appearance at my sewing machine!

I'm working on some Itty Bitty Bow Ties.  I'll share with you a simple pattern using bow tie blocks that vary between a light background and a medium/dark background.

I'll share with you a Churn Dash block, one of my favorites!  I'm working on a scrappy version with a little consistency from keeping the background a solid white fabric.

And my brain is currently on pause from the rest.  I suppose I should be careful what I wish for.  I wanted a pause, and I got it.  

So today is simply a placeholder until I add photos to my Little Bitty Bow Ties post, and get it on here.  

I hope your week is treating you well.  I'm running out of days to share some fun patterns with you, so I'd better rally and get some technological help with my camera problems!