Sow & Sew

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I started this month with the intention of focusing on getting my new website up and running, and working on some scrap quilts.  It seems that my intentions don't always line up with interruptions of the day, week, or month.

I looked forward to a long weekend, but I'm not one for staying in bed and resting, yet that is exactly the only thing my body is up for, and I just have to accept that.  It doesn't mean that I have to like it.

Sometimes I just need to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective to find out if I am really on the right track in life.  I might lose my confidence momentarily, especially when I face fear or insecurity, but some quiet time alone usually helps me remember to only look at what each day brings.

Those moments come along that might make me question what I'm doing or where I'm going, but they don't stay long, because I always get a gentle reminder that I'm on the right track (even if I can't see it).  I still prefer the predictable and routine, but that isn't always what I get, and I have to keep moving forward.

I had talked to a friend about things that I referred to half-jokingly as failures.  She reminded me that what I call failures are lessons in life that allowed me to grow into the woman I am now.  That might be facing the challenges of living with multiple sclerosis, learning where, when, and from whom I can rely on for help, to having a patient heart that took time to heal and forgive so that 13 years later when an apology came out of the blue, it didn't dredge up hurts by ripping open old wounds.

Everything that I've accomplished, even when I think I've fallen flat on my face, were lessons to carry me down the road.  

Today, my lesson is just stop and rest.  Taking time away to heal from what hurts now, whether it is my body or my ego, gives me a chance to learn from my experiences.

Now I might not like waiting 13 years with a patient heart (which wasn't very patient to begin with), and I might not like a long weekend in bed thinking I've wasted all those moments to be busy along the way (I had plenty of quilting to do), there are opportunities in the tribulations.  I just might not see them yet.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm resting in bed is basting fabric hexagons for a scrap quilt.  I'm not getting very far with that this weekend, because my body isn't cooperating, but every hexagon basted is one more toward my scrap quilt.  

I've got a post almost ready for tomorrow about what I consider scraps, strings, and crumbs.  I'm going to try to get up and around and add a few images to it so it isn't a whole bunch of dry text.  No promises, but I think I can actually mange to get that done.  

What do you do when you are stuck resting?  Do you rest, or read, or sew?  I'm not much for sitting around, so I'd love to hear what you do when you have to step back and relax for a bit.