Sowing Seeds & Sewing Scraps


If you're joining me from my last endeavors, thank you for making the jump over here.  If you're just brand new, I'm so glad that you're here.  I thought that Write 31 Days was the perfect opportunity to transition to a new endeavor, personally and professionally.

I've got lots to share with you, including my newest project that I'm working on together with some absolutely fantastic ladies.  Be sure to check out To Honor & Comfort to learn more about our goal of providing quilts to homeless Veterans in our community.

For those of you who haven't been exposed to my incessant ramblings, let me give you a (probably not-so-quick) rundown:

I'm Katie Joy, but no one calls me just-Joy.  I've been known by JoyJoy my entire life.  Now honestly, I also answer to mum, or kiddo, anything, depending on who's talking to me.  Mostly JoyJoy.   

Anyhow, I quilt. I make pies. I buy too much fabric. I start too many projects that I don't finish. I talk A LOT.  I write down more than I talk.  That equals A LOT, A LOT.


I'm usually covered with thread, that other people seem to pull out of my hair or off my clothes as if it is something to be avoided.  

To me, it's a bit of a badge of honor.  

It means I'm making.  

Or… could mean that I fell asleep next to my latest quilt project and didn't take a shower before I left the house.  

In my defense, I can't be the only gal with a king-sized bed that has one half reserved for my latest hand quilting project and the other for sleeping on.  

Okay, so I probably am.  

I try to at least remember to remove all needles before I doze off.  It's kind of a grab-and-go hand quilting for insomniacs program.  I don't have to get out of bed to start again.  I turn the lamp on and I get to work.  (If you stick around a while, you'll soon figure out that I can justify ANYTHING.)


I'm a bit of an eclectic quilter.  I absolutely love hand quilting with big stitches, and I also enjoy thread sketching multimedia quilts.  You'll probably see both around here sooner rather than later, and I'm slowly uploading my work to my gallery on this site.  I tend to post lots of thread sketching images (and full disclosure, also pictures of my cat on various quilts) to Instagram, too.

I've lived the biggest portion of my adult life with the challenges of multiple sclerosis.  

Really that sounds worse than it is.  

It just means that I've traded my high heels for cowboy boots, that I can say something stupid and blame my MS-Swiss cheese brain, and I have more excuses to take a nap than you.  

Can't be bad, right?



Okay, so honestly, I battle debilitating fatigue, which is my worst symptom.  Sensory impairment can make sewing and quilting a challenge (I go through A LOT of band-aids).  I'm wobbling through a world with intermittent problems with word finding and swallowing food.  Nerve pain is definitely no fun and causes insomnia.  I have a bit of a propensity for falling and I could never walk in high heels well anyway.

But that's the hand I've been dealt in this life and I try to take it with grace, patience, and gratitude, and when those things don't always work, there's always coffee or whiskey.



Anyhow, if you've made it this far, you might be curious just what the heck this gal is talking about saying "sowing seeds and sewing scraps."

Sowing seeds is because my mama had a penchant for asking me, "What kind of seeds are you planting?" and if she was talking to my kids, she'd give them a hint and ask, "Are you planting good seeds or bad seeds?"

Sewing scraps is because that's just what I do.

I've found myself at a point where I know I have three choices.  I could stay right where I am comfortable.  I could fall further.  Or, I could leave the past behind and grow. 
So what'd I choose?

I shook the dust off my boots and decided to grow.

My goals for this messy, beautiful, and sometimes painful life:  
    • That I'll think more than I speak.
    • That I'll keep sowing the seeds I hope to reap.
    • That I'll welcome each new day as an opportunity to give back to others and leave more than I take.



I'm excited for Write 31 Days and the chance to share more about scrap quilting and how it's helping me give back to my community, even when all I think that time and quilts don't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.


**You might notice that some of the formatting is wonky.  My transition from Wordpress to Squarespace is a bit of a learning curve for me.  Please be patient!