Sweatpants vs. Leggings & My Lounging Around Dilemma

I've been a little absent here lately.  I've had a bit of a rough go recovering from a medical procedure.  Not keen on being laid up and lazy, but that is the current status quo.   I've sneaked in a few stitches on a quilt that I'm hand quilting, but other than that, I haven't even turned the t.v. on.  

Just a lot of quiet time to myself.  

My son especially loves that at my post op appointment yesterday, the doctor said if my jaw is hurting, I need to talk less.  That made his December!!

Now I figured since I'm already out of my comfort zone with laying around doing nothing, I'd splurge on a couple pairs of sweatpants for lounging around.  Amazingly, mine have gotten quite large on me (Not that I'm complaining.  This is the smallest I've been in about 8 years!!).  I never found any sweatpants online that were affordable, but my daughter and my cousin were telling me how fantastic LuLaRoe leggings are.  

I'm not one for wild prints (especially anything with food printed on it that will stretch across my assets...), almost as much as I shy away from laying in bed all day every day doing nothing at all.  It seemed to me that all the LuLaRoe leggings I'd seen were very wild!!  If I am not so slim and slender, I'm thinking I'll pass on leggings with donuts all over them (personal preference).

I thought if I ever bought a pair, I'd buy solid black leggings for lounging around the house, or wearing under a dress on a cold day.  But I am a jeans-&-boots-kinda girl, so patterned leggings...definitely NOT on my radar.  (Mostly I think they'd clash with my favorite cowboy boots!)

Chalk it up to medication.  Boredom.  Suddenly over-sized sweatpants falling down.  Whatever it was, the stars aligned and I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered two pairs of patterned leggings.  

Now let me say, my cousin is a much better photographer than I could ever be, so my snapshots from my king-sized bed don't do justice to the ones she takes.  But here's my makeshift attempt at showing you what I bought.

This pair looks like a lacy floral print to me, and is a cream/green print on black.

Totally a weird picture angle, but #1, I'm too lazy to move at the moment, and #2, these are pretty darn comfortable!

Totally a weird picture angle, but #1, I'm too lazy to move at the moment, and #2, these are pretty darn comfortable!


This next pair is a complete stretch for me, but the brightly-colored origami cranes looked like the chipper pick me up that I needed.


My son looked at me and said, "You know leggings are not pants, right?"  Which is exactly what I told my daughter for YEARS! But I concede for lounging around, comfort is key and this is just what I needed for a pick me up this week.

I think since much of my wardrobe is suddenly 2-3 sizes too big, I might have to take a peek at some other options, and comfort is always great for me since I work from home!  These are going to make laying around lounging in bed much more comfortable, and also make finding something to wear much easier while I bounce around in between sizes until I'm back to a normal diet.

I can see why so many people are smitten with LuLaRoe leggings.  I'd still prefer solid black, but until I find that elusive pair, I'm actually glad that I bought these.  These are much more comfortable than my old long johns and I don't need to send someone out to find me a pair of comfy sweats in the current Christmas shopping mayhem.  

I may have also peeked around on Pinterest and found some fun links, including a couple about creating a capsule wardrobe with LuLaRoe pieces.  Suddenly awfully tempting!

I might just be the biggest convert around!!


Just in case you were curious, you can find my cousin Cassie's LuLaRoe Facebook page right here, and follow her Instagram feed here.  She and her awesome business partner Heather are "Roeing with Boy Moms."