The Christmas Countdown

I'm working on trying to get three quilts finished and mailed to Vermont.  So far, two are at various stages of being hand quilted with big, bold stitches.  I'm actually surprised at how much easier it is to work on a twin-sized quilt, as I am usually making queen-sized quilts.  

I think more twin-sized quilts will make an appearance in the future!

I'm trying to invest at least 1 hour of hand quilting every day.  Usually, if I have nothing better to do, that easily morphs into 4 or 5 hours, but work keeps getting in the way of my hand quilting shenanigans.

There is just something very peaceful and calming about curling up with a quilt in the hoop and getting to work on a gift for someone.  

Well, that is until I realize that it is almost December.

Then I think, "oh I have until the 25th."

Then I think, "oh I have to mail it to Vermont."

And somewhere along this path of thought, my brain pauses and says, "I wonder how much it would cost to box up and overnight ship 2 twin-sized quilts and a queen-sized quilt."

At that point, I am scared to check the cost, because this Christmas I've had to rein in the spending to account for medical expenses, retaining wall repair, and unexpected car repairs.  No extra for rush shipping was budgeted into the month.

So my fingers need to pretend they don't have MS and maybe stitch a little faster! So less typing, more quilting is the story of the next few weeks!!

Are you finished with your holiday projects??  I like to live vicariously through more successful project starters!

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