The Wheels are Turning...

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I'm quite possibly a fickle sentimentalist.

I've repurposed items in the past for quilts and craft projects, but I'm apt to toss them when I'm feeling slighted.  

I suppose that isn't the best to admit.  However, about 20 years ago, I had a vintage a-line wedding dress of brocade fabric that I cut apart into yo-yo's for a quilt.  That relationship didn't quite pan out, so of course being a fickle sentimentalist, that quilt and all it's handiwork was tossed.

I shouldn't do that, but that's two more decades of rational thinking that helped me realize that a little too late.

Anyhow, I have other projects that are in boxes and drawers that I've pieced together a little bit at a time.  They all have used fabrics I've upcycled from thrift shopping, or things my kids used to own.  Not a single one is finished to date, but they are a lot of fun to work on a little bit at a time.  I might have to show you some pictures over the next few weeks, as the wheels are turning in my brain of how I want to get them finished up!

I also have a storage tote of vintage sheets cut up for patchwork that my daughter eyes every time she visits me.  She's much more apt to gravitate towards thrift store finds and vintage-repurposed items.  Perhaps she would have enjoyed that yo-yo quilt and its history.  But we will never know!

So back to my fickle nature, I try to place nice with everyone, so when my ex asked me to make a quilt with his old Army BDU's (battle dress uniforms), I did get to plotting and planning and I have an idea in the works that I think will be a lot of fun.  I've just got a few other things to do first!  I think he's only getting a wall hanging or throw quilt though.  I'm not making a bed-sized quilt.

Yesterday, at the November Puyallup Valley Quilters Guild meeting, our speaker was Blair Stocker.  I've been eyeing her pending book release (March 2017) Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabrics into Meaningful Quilts.

Amazon has been recommending that book to me for a while now.  Sometimes I am annoyed how soon they recommend books I'd really love to get my hands on...when they aren't published!  I'm not so patient.

Now, if you haven't seen her website, Wise Craft Handmade, you should certainly go check it out.  It's a lot of fun and I'd bet that you'll think of a project that you can do with found fabrics or special fabrics you've been hanging onto.  


At yesterday's guild meeting, we got to see lots of her quilts and hear about how she works with color.  I picked up a book I've been thumbing through at the bookstore on every visit:  Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects Into Stuff You Love, and even got a little autograph in it.  Now I'm of course going to peek and read it before I wrap it up, but this is actually a Christmas gift for my daughter.  I KNOW she will love it.  

I'm also going to pick up this Toile Pillow DIY Kit to go with it.  (I can't keep secrets, but luckily, I am nearly 110% certain that no one I know actually reads this blog.)  The Toile Pillow DIY kit will be perfect for that gal of mine.  She is not-so-mildly obsessed with embroidery (she has a little crafty side gig selling her work).  I know this because when she moved, she swiped my embroidery threads, hoops, anything she could squirrel away.  Then one day she came back "for a visit to see her mum" and I was missing a very large stash of Appleton wool thread.  She also likes to drop a few things in my cart for me to purchase-for her of course-if we go to the fabric & craft store together.  That kid is sly as a fox.  

My daughter learned a love of thrift store scouring from my mama.  She'd go on outings with Oma and come back with all sorts of stuff.  Some of which she still hauls around with her today.  This book, plus that big bin of vintage sheets that are cut up, might keep her busy (and she can tie the quilts she makes with her stash of Appleton wool).  If there was ever a night I wished I'd called my daughter and hauled her to a guild meeting, this would have been the one!  But most young adults don't want to hang out with their mum on a Wednesday night when they can hang out in their own apartment curled up with a quilt and a cat.  Or maybe that's just my kid.  

Now as a half-empty nester, my son and I have a one-for-one deal.  I'm not sure how this came about, but he used to track how much I spent at the fabric store and ask for the same amount at video game shops.  Eek! That's scary for both of us.  So we morphed into just spending the same amount of money at the book store, and now with the advent of Amazon Prime, the boxes that arrive typically have something little for each of us.  

So in the spirit of one-for-one, getting my daughter a book, I picked up a pattern: The Complete Quilt Design Planner: Design Your Dream Quilt!  Coloring Pages, Yardage Worksheet, Design Tips, and Sewing Instructions to Bring Your Unique Patchwork Quilt to Life.  (You can get your own as a PDF download.)  

I love my EQ7 software, but I really am a pen and paper kinda gal.  I keep a lot of my pattern designs on pages of engineering notebooks and I have a slight addiction to fountain pens.  Summation:  late technology adopter. 


Now I'll let you have a peek at one project that I need to dust off and it is fairly sentimental, as this weekend will be six years since I lost my mama.  

She made me TONS of these crochet rosettes and wanted me to finish piecing them together to make a king-size coverlet.  And enough blocks to make a second coverlet of a different pattern.  I've accomplished neither tasking.  I don't think I could do her handiwork justice.  

What I'm going to do instead is come up with a way to make something special for my mama's sisters, my immediate family, and my children, as well as a few others that were touched by the life of such a wonderful woman.  We can all have a little piece of her many months of work!

I'll share more about what I'm doing with these in the coming weeks!  If you have any suggestions of what I should do with these, I'd love to hear them!!!