To Honor & Comfort: A Collaborative Quilt Project

I promised you that I'd start moving towards sharing more about scrap quilting after yesterday.  You'll soon learn that as much as I'd like to push the world out and live as a hermit, I do wear my heart on my sleeve.  It's a strange land teetering on the fine line between thinking and feeling.  It's where I spend my time.  It's what I know.  It drives me absolutely bonkers.  

I've always had it on my heart that I'm supposed to love, give, and serve.  Yet I've always tempered that by hiding in my own little world where it's safe and there isn't too much risk.  

Despite tucking myself away from the world, I never fully rid myself of that desire to love, give, and serve.  A page in my Bible has a note scrawled at the top, "Let me start something that matters.

While I don't know what I meant exactly when I wrote that, when I flip through, I have other little nudges to convince myself to extend my reach:

I have all I need...Start doing what matters.

What is my "whatever" that I'm called to do?

Plant, tend, harvest, make room. 

What gifts of love can you sow?  

Perhaps I take my mama's seed sowing analogy to heart.



Partial selection of colors for collaborative quilt project.

Partial selection of colors for collaborative quilt project.

So while I've had this desire on my heart to make something of my days that is bigger than me waging a battle with my head that tells me don't take risk, the heart wins.

Living with multiple sclerosis, sometimes I feel that all I have to give others is my time or my quilts.  

So my bigger than me project started with quilts.

And friends.

And it has gotten a little bigger moment by moment.

As we work on our quilts to give to homeless Veterans, I'd like to invite you to participate in a very special project to help us raise awareness of the issue of homelessness among Veterans.

To Honor & Comfort: A Collaborative Quilt

My challenge to you: help us create a collaborative quilt made by quilters all across the nation.  

The quilt will follow the theme, "A Grateful Nation."

You are invited to take this opportunity to work together to design a collaborative quilt.  Blocks can be from individual quilters, or on behalf of a guild or other quilting community.  A finished quilt, comprised of 30 blocks, will be quilted and presented to the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the remaining submitted blocks will be turned into quilts for homeless Veterans. A committee will determine which submissions will be included in the collaborative quilt based on both design and craftsmanship.

Quilt Block Guidelines

• Quilt blocks should be a finished 12.5” x 12.5” square. Blocks outside these parameters will not be considered for the collaborative quilt.  However, they will be accepted to be turned into quilts to give to homeless Veterans.

• All piecing methods are welcome (with the exception of raw-edged applique).  Patchwork can be modern piecing, traditional piecing, paper piecing, turned-edge applique, art quilt blocks, etc. 

• Quilt blocks should be inspired by the theme, "A Grateful Nation."  The theme may be taken literally, or abstractly, using the color palette chosen.

• The color palette chosen with this quilt represent the colors associated with patriotic quilts, a palette of red, white, blue, and gold.  The palette of chosen colors is from American Made Fabrics, which are made in the USA.   However, quilters are not limited to using solids, or this brand. Prints that read as solid (one-color), batiks that resemble the chosen solids, or any combination of the fabrics are all welcome.  

The American Made solids chosen for this quilt, are as follows:

 Light Red

 Light Navy

 Navy Blue

 White

 Dark Tomato

 Light Gold

 Red

 Yellow

 Light Yellow

Blocks chosen for the collaborative quilt will be chosen by committee. The committee will determine winners by their adherence to the theme and color palette, as well as craftsmanship.

Many blocks received by the committee will be photographed and displayed on the project website: To Honor and Comfort.

Blocks not chosen for the collaborative quilt will be used to create other items for Veterans.

We reserve the right to refrain from using a block for any reason.

Quilters may mail any number of blocks, but it is likely that only one block per individual will make it into the collaborative quilt.

For information on where to mail the blocks and to receive a submission form, please use the button below.  All blocks must be received with a submission form.  If you are sending multiple blocks, please send one submission form per block.

Blocks must be received by Saturday, April 1, 2017.  

For photos and updates about the project, follow @toHonorandComfort on Instagram and #honorandcomfortquilt