Too Few Hours, Too Many Stitches Remaining

I can't believe that it is already the 7th of December.  

I can believe that NONE of my Christmas quilts (the ones that need to be shipped to Vermont ASAP) are finished.

I wouldn't be as worried about finishes, because I am pretty good at working under pressure (and procrastinating, as evidenced by getting to December and still hand quilting twin- and queen-sized bed quilts).  

My problem this month is that I've got a surgery and will be down for a bit next week, and I'm wondering if I'll be up to stitching and listening to some tunes on the radio.

My plan is actually to try to just relax and recover.  That will be a big stretch of my self control.

I think I have a few friends who think they can force me to relax.  We will see who wins next week.  It will be a battle of wills! I can be quite stubborn.

I'm going to believe that I would be closer to finishing all these Christmas presents if I wasn't busy trying to fix small and large appliances throughout my house.  I find myself wishing I'd bought a condo or a tiny house out on the Peninsula instead of this house that is testing my sanity.  I've even half-heartedly joked that at this point, I might even runaway and find an apartment, but I'd still have to fix everything to sell the house.

One of these days, I'm really going to find myself a Handy Andy housemate. Or I will just keep enjoying my hermit-esque life and wishing I learned a skilled trade such as large appliance repair, plumbing, making & pouring concrete forms, or even carpentry.  But alas, I went to school and read books and now stare at extra pieces of things I've put back together!

I should stick to quilting.

Do you have all your projects finished for the holidays?