Tossing Around Ideas

I had the longest day ever.  Every couple years I have to sit for a whole day and take a test that my MS-brain really doesn't like.


But when I start getting confused on the test answers, my mind certainly starts to wander.

I jotted down a few mini quilt ideas and now I don't know if I will sleep until I draft them up and see if they work!

I'd say they all deal with UW Huskies and Bama, because this gal is just slightly obsessed.

Disclaimer:  I mean "slightly" on my skewed scale.

Now since no one in my family let me cancel my surgery and blow the money on a trip to MY bucket list (aka WIN-WIN) game, I'll have to come up with some ideas to distract me.

Believe me, there was a whole day and probably 30+ text messages begging my brothers to take me to the game!! No one was having it.  I almost bought tickets so they HAD to take me.

I'm promised that next time we can go, and that it really is in my best interest to have my surgery and NOT go to a football game in Atlanta. (In who's alternate universe is that in my best interest???  Not mine!)

So maybe in the next couple days I'll have a fun new surprise to post here.  I haven't been working on my mini quilts too often because of the larger bed quilts needing to be finished before Christmas.

I'm also going to try to whip up a Jungle Book mini quilt for a friend to give to his daughter as part of her Christmas gift. I thought that would be fun.

So anyhow, back to MY Bama & Husky mini quilts, they're fun for me to work on, and I'll probably share a bit more about how I make them if you'd like to learn.  

I probably shouldn't say so, but they are easier than you might think!!

And they are definitely easier (and a lot more fun) than taking certification tests for work.  I'm hoping I won't have to retake today's, but if I do, at least they pay me by the hour either way!

PS...I am not a good grammar role model for anyone after a long day (or any day with MS).  Don't mind my misspellings and poor word choices.  #stupidMS :)