What I Don't Do on Black Friday

Turning on the television this morning, everything is focused on "Black Friday blow out deals" and "deals you can't miss."  

Funny thing, it is easy to "miss" those "blow out deals" and not even give a hoot.

I've always thought it was an odd thing to do: spend a day being thankful and then promptly go out and try to get more stuff.

I'd rather stay in the comfort of my home, finish up some dishes, and then grab a book or work on a quilt while watching football on television (unless of course the Apple Cup is held on this side of the mountains, then I'm bundled up with some cocoa wrapped in a small quilt watching football in the cold).  This year, it's football on television.

I've had to spend most of the last few months letting go of things I thought mattered, so maybe when you're busy letting go, you aren't focused on getting more things.  But I've never enjoyed the idea of rushing out and battling with people to buy things to fill my house.

Maybe my kids are easy to shop for.  My son wants digital money to buy video game stuff.  My daughter doesn't ask for anything, but I know what she sneaks out of my dresser drawers when she visits, so I know she'd like warm socks and some scarves.  Easy enough.

I'm trying to look forward to a new year and new possibilities.  Perhaps even a new focus for where I'm going and what I'm going to do.  I think I start each month, week, and even day as a new opportunity to learn and grow, but I don't always have a good idea of a "big picture" ahead of me.

I've got a few challenges still to face in the next month, but I'm starting to think about how I'm going to find that "big picture" to work towards as 2016 comes to an end.  However, for today I don't have to think so far ahead, I've got some dishes left from yesterday's bread baking and plenty of quilts in need of attention, and plenty of football to watch.  

Consumerism has very little appeal to me, unless I'm left with an unlimited budget in a local quilting shop.  This has never happened, so I doubt it ever will.  

So with the exception of fabric bundles dropping from the sky so I can quilt without ceasing, a simple life at home will always appeal to me much more than out searching for "blow out deals" and "only happens once a year" sales.   

Do you go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving?