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Living well with multiple sclerosis

Navigating the world while living with multiple sclerosis is unpredictable and full of uncertainty.  It is part challenge and part adventure, but I've learned a few things along the way.  I hope you find encouragement here for your journey, whether you are facing multiple sclerosis or any other chronic illness.

making my home a haven

Making my home a haven is less about creating a home straight out of the pages of a magazine and more about living independently as long as possible. Home modifications provide barrier-free access and inclusion for any person, with or without a disability. I'm learning more about the concept of “barrier-free accessibility," which is based on the theory that a disability is a handicap only if it prevents a person from doing what others are able to do freely. If the barrier is non-existent, so is the handicap.  Modifying my home is an adventure and a journey.  There are so many products, services and systems designed for use by many individuals and varying ability levels.  I'd love to share some insight with you along the way as I navigate the process of making my home a haven of independence.  

quilting: Behind the seams

Quilting is my hobby and my passion.  To unwind I grab a needle and thread and stitch away the quiet moments.  I'm excited to share my finished quilts as well as tips, tricks, and tutorials with you.