52 Mini Quilts

This year, I'm working on doing something special for a really great cause.  I wanted to challenge myself to create a mini quilt each week from one birthday (August 16, 2017) to the next (August 16, 2018).  I decided I was going to work in a series of quilts each month just to mix things up a bit.

Now the catch with these quilts is that I'll be auctioning them off on Instagram.  My goal is to be able to donate some money to a charity near and dear to my heart, but also to help fund my upcoming service dog training.  It is an expensive endeavor!!  

I've got a lot of ideas for the quilts I'm making, but having a guideline with a series to work within each month helps keep me challenged and on track.  It's a little like running a common thread through my work instead of doing one thing at a time.

I've already identified my first three months of quilts:

August 2017

You might have noticed a few mermaid quilts in my portfolio.  I have a lot of fun with those, so I'm kicking off the first quilts with a series of MERMAIDS.  

September 2017


There is no way I could choose anything else!!

October 2017

October is going to be BOATS.  

One of the things I love is sitting and watching the fishing boats go in and out of the marina in Westport.  This one will be a new challenge, as I've never done a mini quilt featuring a boat.  I'm really excited to give it a go.

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

You can follow along with my series on Instagram.  I'll be tagging them #52miniquilts  

Have you ever worked in a series?  I'm looking forward to a more purposeful approach to my mini quilts this year.