A New Adventure & Enjoying Being Joy

 Photo by  Patrick Hendry  on  Unsplash

Thursday, I mentioned my 52 Mini Quilt project for the upcoming year.  I also mentioned that I was going to auction them off on Instagram to help fund training for a service dog.  Today, I got a letter in the mail from my neurologist's office indicating that a service dog would help me with balance and mobility.

A new adventure is about to begin!!

Obtaining and training a service dog.

That's a big undertaking, but I am pretty excited.  

I'll be working with Elite K9 in Tacoma to train a dog that can help me maintain my independence.  My son goes to college in 2 years and that is about how long it takes to train a dog.  So the timing is finally right, and my walking is wonky enough that a service dog will be a great mobility tool, and empty-nest companion, for me.

Another adventure:

"Enjoy being Joy."

Someone sent that to me, and I'm 100% certain it was meant to be an insult.  However, I'm taking it as a directive and using it as motivation to watch my life continue to take shape in a more empowering manner.

Best part: this person will never know that one last thing he said would give me a good kick in the pants to let everything else go and move forward.

Sounds hokey, I know.

But who else can I be?

That's the only person I know how to be.

And the great thing is that I actually like who I am, I just have areas that I need to work on (i.e. diet, exercise, motivation...), so a little chiding was all I needed to cut out things not working and start really looking at the upcoming year.

For the next while, I'm certain I'll be sharing more with you about my challenges (and the fun) of finding and training a dog, as well as just working on getting back on track taking care of my health.

Have you ever self-trained or worked with a trainer for a service dog?  I'd love to hear your tips, tricks, and mishaps, too.