A Reintroduction

It's been a long while since I began this website.  Clearly things got a bit off track somewhere along the way.

I'm Katie Joy and I like to ramble on and make things.

Oh, and I also have multiple sclerosis (MS).  It isn't a whole lot of fun.  But I've also got a sidekick named Rhubarb, a standard poodle who seems to be just as salty as I am.  I suppose we make a pretty great team.


I also am a half-empty nester.  My daughter is 20 and lives in Seattle.  My son turns 18 in just a few weeks. 

Our typical Friday mornings look like this:


Looks exciting, right?

When I'm not wandering around town with my salty sidekick Rhubarb, or buying breakfast burritos (two at a time) for a bottomless pit of a son, I'm daydreaming of finishing up some quilts that keep stacking up.

Daydreaming...you caught onto that, right? 

I quilt a heck of a lot less than I think about quilting.



I also love cooking and baking, but I often can't find my dining room table under all the (unfinished) projects. 

That's me in a nutshell.

Stick around and maybe I'll get something back on track and share some great recipes and fun quilting projects with you.  It certainly makes a great outlet for a life that isn't very predictable thanks to MS. 


I would love to get to know you, my readers, better, so please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments!


~Katie Joy

Joy and Rhubarb.jpg