Daydreaming of New Projects

This week has been a challenge for me. 

I'll spare you the details!

Usually, when that happens, I am taken aback for a little while, and then I grab a cup of coffee and sit down in front of my sewing machine for a little bit of quilty fabric therapy.

I started working on a mini art quilt of a Matryoshka (Russian nesting doll).  However, while impatiently waiting on the gesso to dry, I grabbed another cup of coffee and plopped down in my recliner.

While watching t.v., I decided that I'm slightly sad that I used my serger as a trade-in when I bought my Baby Lock Jazz.  (Not that I regret buying my Jazz one teeny, tiny bit.)  I was watching It's Sew Easy (episode 1501-1) Be Your Own Designer:  A-Line Skirt and thought Angela Wolf's Kate Skirt (#AW3145) pattern would be a fantastic (and easy) project to make one or two skirts for the summer.  The digital (and print) pattern is available in Misses sizes 0-18 and Plus sizes 16W-36W.

Wouldn't that serger suddenly come in handy for making an A-line skirt?

It really was gathering dust for way too long when I used it as a trade-in.  It was impossible for me to get it threaded quickly and easily (Can I blame MS for that or just my lack of air-threaded machine?). 

Anyhow,  Pacific Fabrics ALWAYS has the cutest linen fabrics that would make for a very fun summertime A-line skirt (itty bitty polka dots, maybe???).  Even chambray might be a nice summertime fabric choice.

While I wait for my budget to flex enough to buy a pattern, fabric, and notions for a couple of skirts, I do have a container full of vintage sheets that I'm going to repurpose into rag rugs.  

Now rugs are typically NOT MS-friendly, and I'm not likely to use these at my house, but I think my daughter would get a kick out of a few simple rugs for her apartment.  My mama used to always have rag rugs strewn about the house when I was growing up, so it is a little bit nostalgic for me to make some for my daughter. 

I found very easy tutorials for round Amish-style knot rugs and oval-shaped rugs on YouTube.  

I probably have too many projects floating around in my head, and I also have my heart set on getting some flies tied for fishing, but I think spending time working on projects (or even just daydreaming about them) is helping me break out of my rut and exercise some creativity.  

Do you have any projects you're starting soon?