My Latest Quilty Finish: A Carpenter's Star


I wanted to share some pictures of my latest finish.  This quilt was very special to me.  I spent many, many, many nights hand quilting this quilt, often falling asleep under it.

This is a queen-sized Carpenter's Star quilt in solid black, white, and silver grey fabrics.  I used contrasting bold Coats & Clark hand quilting thread in black, white, and grey.  I used a black, grey, and white marbled print fabric for the binding.

It is full of plenty of imperfections, but it is one of the quilts that I'm happiest to have made.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to deliver the quilt in person.  That was hard, because I really put so many hours into it. I would have loved to see the reaction from the intended recipient.  

No matter what, I know how much love and time went into this one, and it will always be one of my favorite finishes ever.

download (1).jpg

Before today, I only had two other quilts that made me tear up when I sent them on to their new homes.  

When my mama was fighting a very short battle with cancer, I had my dad deliver a quilt to her in the hospital.  That was a difficult quilt to make, finish, and send.  The only picture I have of the quilt is my son holding it up, and the look on his face sums up the sadness all of us were feeling.  

Another I made for a friend who was terminally ill.  I was able to give him his quilt in person, but fought back the tears until I got back to my car.  

This Carpenter's Star quilt was really supposed to be something special.  I had been so excited to finish it, and almost didn't until my son told me that I couldn't leave it undone.  So I sat down and put the binding on it.  Only God and I will ever know the number of tears that I had making this quilt and sending it off to its new home.  I had a good reason to miss my first deadline to give this for a birthday gift.  I had a more urgent quilt to finish, but by doing so, this quilt didn't get where it needed to go in time for it to be the special gift it was intended to be.  Maybe its meaning sorta fizzled out.  I even had to take off the quilt label that I had embroidered onto the back, as it wasn't quite relevant anymore.

It is still one of my favorite quilts that I made and I enjoyed working on it.  

I hope the quilt will be loved, and that the one it was made for really knows that it was made with a whole lot of love.

download (2).jpg
 This picture is a little linty, but I always like seeing the stitches come to life on the back of my quilts!

This picture is a little linty, but I always like seeing the stitches come to life on the back of my quilts!

Sometimes making and giving quilts is hard, but hard in a good way.  

At least for me.

But it is always worth it to know that it was made with lots of love and stitched together with tons of prayers.

Have you ever had a quilt that was hard to give away to the intended recipient?  Or is this just a very-Joy issue?